Lab Members

The lab is currently comprised of graduate students and research assistants who conduct research in the areas of Clinical Forensic Psychology or Clinical Sexology.

Graduate Students

Brandon Burgess:

Brandon B

Brandon is in the first year of his MSc in Applied Psychology – Forensic Psychology Stream. In 2018 he graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University with a B.Sc in Psychology with Honours. His research interests include the offending trajectories of late-onset sex offenders and risk assessment. After completing his MSc he hopes to pursue a PhD in hopes of becoming a Clinical Forensic Psychologist.

Martina Faitakis:

Martina Convocation Story Photo 2018

Martina is a first year graduate student in the Applied Psychology – Forensic Psychology stream. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Business Studies at MacEwan University in Edmonton Alberta. Her undergraduate research focused on intimate partner violence and intimate partner sexual violence, mainly looking at differences between offenders who sexually versus violently offend against an intimate partner. Her research interests broadly include intimate partner sexual violence, sexual offending against children, and risk assessment for domestic violence and sexual offenders.

Kailey Roche:


Kailey is in the second year of the M.Sc in Applied Psychology – Forensic Stream. Her thesis research focuses on informing the development of a workshop to increase mental health professionals’ competency to treat minor attracted persons. Her research interests include developing treatment programs for non-offending men with minor attraction, sex offender risk assessment and treatment, community reintegration, atypical sexual interests, and psychopathy. After completing her M.Sc she aims to become a Clinical Forensic Psychologist.

Research Assistants:

Kellie Sanford:


Kellie graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2017 where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Psychology. She now works with at-risk youth and has consequently developed an interest in working with this population. Kellie’s current research interests lie in social/developmental psychology and in forensic psychology – specifically, the prevention of sexual violence against children. She is looking forward to working as a research assistant on projects related to the primary prevention of childhood sexual abuse. She hopes to work with adolescents and young adults in the future as a psychologist.